Agilist working as part of product development teams to support and accelerate development through fast feedback. I help teams to craft more executable user stories. Product backlog creator and groomer with emphasis on progressive elaboration. Front-end Javascript development, back-end development in Python or Node. Test automator using Newman, Protractor, Javascript, Selenium, or Python. Testing teacher, unit and integration test review and advisement, exploratory testing coach, a real test jumper. Exploratory tester. Agile coach. ScrumMaster. Open sourcer. Experience in programming, coaching, project management, product ownership, and technical writing. Software testing meetup founder, conference organizer, speaker, workshop facilitator, author, podcaster, and blogger.

Claire Moss has always had a passion for writing, which might be a strange trait for a discrete mathematician, but that doesn’t stop her from blogging or writing testing articles. After working briefly as a software programmer during college, Claire signed on as a quality engineer after graduation. By now, Claire has been testing software for 15 years. When you find your calling, you never look back! You might say she’s a compulsive empiricist when it comes to software. Claire continues to use her evil powers for good on the job and on her blog.

Claire has been known to say:
I break software. Other people fix it. Best job in the world.
I break it. You buy it.
I use my evil powers for good!
Test everything; retain what is good. — 1 Thessalonians 5:21
I am a big nerd.

(Blogging my own opinions only.)


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  1. David DeWald said:

    Drop me a line, I’d like to talk about your blog.

  2. Jeff Lucas said:

    Claire – I love the layout of your blog. The placement of the about, RSS feed info, placement of the entries across the page, -everything- is really top-notch from a UX standpoint. Good job!

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