Here are some sources to dig in more after my Agile2018 session Everything You Wanted To Know About DevOps But Were Afraid To Ask:

Slides & Handouts

As a career software tester, I’ve heard rumors DevOps culture will put me out of a job, so I took a job testing for a DevOps team. I’m new to DevOps, but aren’t we all? What matters most is our teams’ intentional decisions to grow our DevOps practices along with our development community.
Join me as I share my experiences blending disciplines, companies, levels of experience, and differing expectations as a member of efficient and effective delivery teams. I’ll describe common cultural and interpersonal problems I experienced while transforming a cross-functional agile team dogfooding a DevOps implementation.
Whether you’re into development, operations, testing, customer support, or product ownership, you’ll leave with concrete strategies for improving your DevOps working relationships to keep the technology running smoothly. People factors strongly affect your DevOps technical outcomes, so optimizing your flow includes improving your people practices.
Don’t feel afraid to ask about DevOps anymore!

Learning Outcomes:

  • The people factors that strongly affect your DevOps technical outcomes
  • How to blend teams from different companies
  • To sort through process and role differences
  • Apply the Agile mindset in support of DevOps


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Bonus: old presentation from Agile2017: DevOps Explained

Sources I found useful when preparing for this talk:


book Accelerate

book The Phoenix Project (business parable), which calls back to Industrial Engineering business parable The Goal

book Lean Enterprise

book Continuous Delivery

book The DevOps Handbook

book The Site Reliability Workbook (free download right now!)

eBook: Katrina Clokie’s A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps


DevOps Defined



Beyond the Phoenix Project audio series



7 min intro

DevOps: Who Does What?

DevOps is Dead

Deep dive into container security w/Elissa Shevinsky

All Day DevOps 2017



DevOpsDays Atlanta




Chef DevOps

DevOps is Dead: Rugged Enterprise DevSecNetQAGovOps

Bridging the Gap between Dev & Ops

IT Infrastructure Agility

DevOps Silo

DevOps user stories

Westrum model + organizational culture & safety

Deployment pipeline

High Performance Practices [PDF]

Continuous Testing

DevOps Odyssey

DevOps for Execs

Notes from The DevOps Handbook + More notes + Even more notes

Small-scale DevOps


DevOps 2018

What is DevOps? + a different What is DevOps?

CALMS framework + Framework & practices

DevOps conversation


Specifically to dig into background for the DevOps personas I created:

What kinds of variables are useful to represent in personas? Persona-based testing + Persona variables + Pragmatic personas

Gartner on DevOps persona

Presenting pipeline data for DevOps personas

User stories for DevOps

SRE vs DevOps

DevOps Revolution

Who Does What? Part 1 + Who Does What? Part 2