Thanks to everyone who came to our Time to Good DX presentation!

Time to Good DX

We often hear focus on the customer, but what do you do when you
customers are your coworkers? Developers are the largest group of
individual contributors in software teams. It’s about time Developer
Experience (DX) got the focus it deserves! Devs are users, too!
Wouldn’t it be great if your user needs were met?

I know an hour isn’t enough time to delve deeply into this area, so here are some links to help you to explore this important subset of UX!


Time to Hello World and this

Drink your own champagne

API docs as affordance and this

Communication and this

Development pain points

Characteristics of good DX

Great APIs – heuristic analysis

Developers as a special case of users

Product management in platform products and in API products

API model canvas

(Vanilla UX)

UX personas


Great DX in 5 minutes!

Platform as Product

More platform as product

DX Segments

DX Principles

DX Trends

UX tools for Developer users

Lean Enterprise


Developer Skills [PDF]


Don’t Make Me Code

Greater than Code




Examples of DX

Jest automation framework

Netflix DX

Faster deployment

Visualizing metrics

Stripe API docs

Twilio API docs

Open source triage

Apigee DX

Salesforce DX and this